Do you grind your teeth?

Do you wake up with sore jaws, tender muscles around your cheek or headaches? Have you been told by your partner that you grind your teeth? Are you noticing flattening of your teeth? These may all be signs and symptoms of grinding called bruxism. This refers to the prolonged grinding of teeth that can occur at night, during the day or even both. It may be due to multiple factors but a common cause is stress.

The consequences of bruxism can result in changes to the appearance of your teeth, fracture of your teeth and even fillings. This may even lead to symptoms arising such as sensitivity to hot and cold, as the inner layers of your teeth are now exposed to the oral environment. The effects of bruxism can be reduced by visiting your dentist to have a “night guard” known as a splint made, which will absorb the forces during grinding, thereby sparing your teeth and fillings from further damage. This involves taking a mould of your teeth and constructing the splint, that is customised to your mouth.

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