Impacted Wisdom Tooth

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Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom Teeth Pain is a common problem that many adults face at a certain age in their lives. This pain near the teeth, gums, and jaw are usually caused by impacted wisdom teeth.
What causes impacted wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth pain?

Wisdom teeth are usually the last of the permanent teeth to appear since they are the last teeth to appear there can be a lack of space in the jaw for these teeth (aka. third molars) to erupt. As a result of the teeth being unable to erupt, they become impacted or wedged, impacted wisdom teeth can be very painful. In some cases however the third molars are able to erupt without any issues and hence will not result in impaction or pain.

What is the treatment for impacted wisdom teeth?
The treatment for impacted wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth pain is the extraction of these wedged third molars. Wisdom teeth removal is generally the best treatment and requires careful extraction usually done under local anesthetic. The expert team at Port Augusta Dental Care provide quality wisdom teeth extractions in a comfortable and relaxed environment.
What happens if left untreated?
Leaving impacted wisdom teeth untreated can cause more dental problems and pain, this includes pain in the jaw, misalignment or crooked teeth and in some cases tooth decay and infection.