I love to drink fizzy drinks, but now my teeth have become very sensitive!

Do you have a high intake of carbonated soft drink in your diet? Do you experience sensitivity when you never used to? Have you noticed differences in the appearance of your teeth? These could all be indications of a condition called Dental Erosion, which refers to the loss of the outer layer of tooth called enamel due to the frequent exposure of strong acids. 

The loss of enamel may vary consequently affecting the severity of the sensitivity experienced.  It is important to note that dental erosion is not the same as dental decay which is caused by bacteria in the mouth turning sugar into acid.

The first step is to avoid or limit the intake of carbonated acidic drinks. Here are some tips to take on if you are consuming these drinks:

  • do not sip but rather finish the drink in one sitting
  • rinse with water afterwards
  • drink through a straw

It is important to visit your dentist if you experience sensitivity or suspect dental erosion. Depending on the severity, your dentist can suggest treatment options. Unfortunately once tooth structure is lost, the process is irreversible. So please remember, prevention is better than cure! That is not to say you cannot consume soft drinks, like with all foods and drinks, consume in moderation and practice good oral hygiene!

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