Why do I need a filling? My tooth doesn’t hurt?

Have you been told by your dentist that your tooth needs a filling but you are thinking it doesn’t hurt, so why is it necessary? 

There are many reasons for a filling but the most common reason is dental decay. Dentists place fillings to restore cavities or “holes” on your teeth to arrest decay before it becomes problematic in the future if left untreated. Fillings allow teeth to remain healthy and continue functioning as normal in your mouth! 

Dental fillings used these days are commonly resin or “plastic” that are tooth-coloured, making them less noticeable, which is always good! Regular visits to your dentist are important to allow early detection of decay with the help of x-rays, resulting in smaller and affordable fillings! If cavities are left untreated, then overtime decay can progress and become larger in size. This can sometimes result in a lot of discomfort and sensitivity. At this stage, a filling may not be enough to resolve the pain and the tooth may require further involved dental treatment, which can be more expensive. Remember prevention is better than cure!

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